Hotel Staff Reveal Things They Secretly Judge You For

You may be staying at a hotel for business or for a vacation. Either way, you expect your stay to be pleasant and the staff to be accommodating. But what do the staff expect of their guests? And what actions could you be taking that hotel staff are secretly judging you for?

We spoke with hospitality professionals to find out about the guest behaviors they judge the most. From their responses, we discovered these seven things you’re doing that may be raising eyebrows among hotel staff.

1. You ignore the safety instructions

Picture of guests getting key card in hotel

Picture of guests getting key card in hotel Their job is customer service, but don’t expect them to take everything with a grain of salt. | Macniak/iStock/Getty Images

Matt, curator of The Travel Blogs and a former receptionist at The Whitehouse hotel, told The Cheat Sheet what truly annoyed him about some guests he dealt with. 

While working as a receptionist in a large London hotel [with] over 500 hundred bedrooms, the fire alarm went off … all the guests [had] the same idea, [to] call reception and find out what’s happening. [With] 300 calls all coming in at once, they’re not all going to be answered, and all the guests do is panic thinking there is no one at reception.

When staying at a hotel, know what to do in the event of a fire. The staffs’ job is to get the guests out. The longer they hang around, the more dangerous it is for everyone. The only thing to light up that evening was my switchboard.

  • Our advice: Pay attention to fire exits and evacuation procedures, usually located in all rooms or posted in elevators. If you have safety concerns, contact reception at your convenience (rather than in the face of a potential emergency) to receive further instruction.

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