How Everything on the Internet Is Becoming a Pain in the Ass

We can do practically anything with phones, tablets, and computers nowadays, so it’s not surprising that things have started to get complicated. We can stream movies, music, and TV shows from the digital ether. We can communicate with friends in innumerable ways, from Facebook and Snapchat to Skype and iMessage. The internet gives us more options to send and receive media and information than ever before, but it has also made everything incredibly complicated.

Here are some of the things the internet has turned into a pain in the ass.

Streaming video

netflix interface

netflix interface Netflix | Stephane De Sakutin/AFP/Getty Images

Let’s say you want to watch Ghostbusters. Before streaming video became widely available, watching Ghostbusters was pretty straightforward: You’d head over to your local video store (pour one out for Blockbuster) and rent it. Simple enough. Now how do you watch Ghostbusters in the current age of streaming? Well, let’s just say it’s not so simple.

You could hop into each of your streaming services to see if they offer the movie. You’ll be disappointed when, after checking Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Crackle, and any of your other subscription services, you find that none of them have Ghostbusters in their current catalog. If you’re a little more tech savvy, you might know to check a third-party service like, or the Yahoo Video Guide app.

Either way, once you realize the movie you want to watch isn’t available on a streaming service, you can buy the Blu-ray or digital copy, or rent it digitally. If you decide on a digital version, you now have a cornucopia of options, ranging from iTunes to Google Play to YouTube. But if you rent it digitally, how are you going to display the movie onto your TV screen?

It’s exhausting. All you want to do is watch a movie, but now you have to put in the legwork and make a dozen little choices along the way. In some ways, the internet has made watching movies more convenient, but in most others, it’s hopelessly more complicated.

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