Inside Abortion Clinics: Here’s What Really Happens When You Get an Abortion

There’s a lot of controversy when it comes to terminating a pregnancy. And no matter what side of the debate you’re on, you probably personally know someone who’s had an abortion. But here’s something interesting: NPR reports the number of abortions are steadily declining year after year, and birth rates aren’t necessarily increasing. This hopefully means more contraception options are reaching those who haven’t had access before.

Though the U.S. remains divided on the issue, there’s a lot of misconceptions about the actual procedure. Here’s what really goes on.

You’ll probably have to walk by protestors before you enter a clinic

Medical equipment seen inside an abortion clinic.

Medical equipment seen inside an abortion clinic. Entering an abortion clinic can be an emotional and scary experience. | Homonstock/Getty Images

Many people stand outside of clinics to protest the procedure daily. Journalist Wendi Kent took photos of the protestors and shared them with The Washington Post. Many of the protestors pray silently and don’t participate in harassment, but Kent reports others go out of their way to chastise women entering the clinic.

Many clinics have “buffer zones” so the protestors can’t block the entrance or exit. But even so, they can get very close to those entering and often cause quite a stir.

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