Jada Pinkett Smith Fires Back Again After Leah Remini Says She’s in Scientology

Leah Remini has made it her mission to do what she refers to as “expose” the secrets of Scientology through her book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, and her Emmy-Award winning series, Scientology and the Aftermath. The actress did an interview with the Daily Beast on Sept. 16, 2017, in which she discussed her book and some of allegations she made in it — including the claim that Jada Pinkett Smith is a Scientologist and has “been in Scientology a long time.”

Pinkett Smith has since denied Remini’s claim, but this not the first time these two women have had a back and forth over this very subject. Here’s a look at what Remini had to say about Pinkett Smith, as well as some of the reasons many have long believed that the Smiths practice Scientology.

Leah Remini claims she saw Jada Pinkett Smith at Celebrity Centre

Leah Remini looking serious on Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath

Leah Remini looking serious on Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath Leah Remini on Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath | A&E

In a recent interview, the Kevin Can Wait actress pointed to what she believed to be a sure sign that Pinkett Smith is in Scientology.

Remini said she saw the Girl Trip star at Hollywood’s Scientology Celebrity Centre “all the time.” The Troublemaker author went on to clarify that while she saw Pinkett Smith on several occasions, she never saw her famous husband, Will Smith, there.

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