Jerry Before Seinfeld: What You Need to Know About the New Netflix Comedy Special

Netflix has just released new information about Jerry Seinfeld’s upcoming comedy special, unveiling some new clips and giving it a title and a release date.

Jerry Before Seinfeld will air on Netflix on September 19th, the streaming service announced on Tuesday. On the new Instagram account netflixcomedy, Netflix released several clips and images whose thumbnails form a poster for the special

You go to a party, there’s nobody there. ‘Where’d everybody go?’ ‘They left!’

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Socks hate their lives, we know that.

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Easy, easy, easy…

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These clips will sound familiar to Seinfeld fans, as Jerry Before Seinfeld sees the comedian revisiting some of the jokes that made him famous. As the new videos and photos suggest, the special will also feature a look at the legal pads that contain every joke that Seinfeld has written over the past 42 years; Seinfeld’s notes are seen in conjunction with his standup material. Seinfeld has previously spoken about these legal pads in interviews, telling The New York Times in 2012 that he and Larry David wrote every episode of Seinfeld longhand.

This comedy special will be an hour long, and it was filmed at The Comic Strip in New York City, the club that helped to launch Jerry Seinfeld’s career.

“Go back to where it all began for an intimate performance at the Comic Strip in New York City,” Netflix notes in the caption of one of the new Jerry Before Seinfeld promotional images.

This will be the first of two comedy specials Jerry Seinfeld will produce for Netflix as part of a deal that was reached in January. That deal also involves Seinfeld’s show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee moving from Crackle to Netflix, with 24 new episodes premiering in 2017 and more coming in 2018, according to Variety.

Jerry Seinfeld on the tonight show

Jerry Seinfeld on the tonight show Jerry Seinfeld on The Tonight Show. l GettyImages/Theo Wargo

Jerry Seinfeld is the latest comedian to produce a comedy special for Netflix after Louis C.K., Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer, Kevin James, and Jim Gaffigan. According to Business Insider, Jerry Seinfeld made $100 million off of this Netflix deal; this came two years after Hulu paid $160 million for the rights to stream Seinfeld, according to Variety.

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