Kimye’s Ridiculous Real Estate (and Other Elaborate Kardashian Homes)

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is arguably the most famous family to ever grace the small screen, and therefore, they’re one of the wealthiest, too. So, what exactly does one do with all that fame and fortune? Dip into his or her bottomless bank account and venture out on a real estate spending spree, of course!

Boasting enough houses to make any real estate mogul green with envy, Kim and Kanye aren’t the only ones trying their hands at the real estate game. From pimped out pads to sprawling southern California properties, the Kardashian-Jenners are no strangers to extravagant homes. So, prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor; these are the elaborate homes you need to see to believe.

1. Kim’s Beverly Hills home

Kim visiting her old house

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Let’s kick things off with the Kardashian queen herself, at least in her own mind. From the very start, Kim Kardashian West was undoubtedly the most famous of the siblings. (Her sisters have given her a run for her money in recent years, but we’ll get to them in a minute.) Back in her bachelorette days, Kim took up residence in a Mediterranean-style Beverly Hills mansion, although the house now seems unimpressive compared to her current digs. Once Kim and Kanye decided to get a place of their own in 2013, she sold the Beverly Hills home.

But the strangest part? The current owners still have most of Kim’s furnishings, including some of her bed linens. Unsurprisingly, the reality TV star didn’t seem all too shocked when she discovered these details during the tour of her former home, which she captured on Snapchat.

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