Las Vegas Shooting Victims Need Blood — Here’s How to Tell If You’re Eligible to Donate

Especially in the wake of major tragedies, the need for blood donations is constant. If you’re able, you should consider donating blood to those in need. It’s important to understand why you might not be able to donate, so that you can step up to help in other ways. These are some of the requirements and restrictions the American Red Cross have in place for potential donors in the U.S., and why they matter.

You must be in ‘good health’

A woman stretches while sitting on the floor of a studio gym.

A woman stretches while sitting on the floor of a studio gym. This requirement isn’t always easy to understand. |

There isn’t a detailed checklist to help you interpret exactly what this means — it could be different for everyone. Red Cross says being “in good health” means you’re both feeling well and can perform normal daily tasks. It also means that, if you have a chronic condition, you’re being treated and have that condition and its symptoms under control. If you have diabetes, for example, you can donate blood as long as your blood sugar is stable.

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