Most Awkward TV Sex Scenes That Will Make You Cringe

Television gets a lot of things right. From series that capture millennials perfectly to crime dramas that have you leaping off your couch, TV is getting better and better, and that includes the sex scenes. From Outlander to Insecure, the chemistry between some of our favorite characters is off the charts. (Seriously, did anyone watch The Tudors?)

Unfortunately, for as many amazing sex scenes that get us all hot and bothered on TV, there are some that make us want to vomit. Sometimes, the actors simply aren’t vibing and other times, the sex makes no sense for the characters. In some cases, the location of the hot and sweaty tumbles makes us want to turn away from the television screen altogether.

Listed from fairly gross to completely unbearable, here are some of the most awkward sex scenes to ever grace our TV screens.

16. Fleabag and Arsehole Guy — Fleabag

Fleabag & Arsehole Guy standing in front of a river.

Fleabag & Arsehole Guy standing in front of a river. Fleabag & Arsehole Guy | Two Brothers Pictures

As the series opens, we meet Fleabag (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) who is in the midst of getting down with Arsehole Guy (Ben Aldridge). As Arsehole begins to take liberties about where he places his “man parts,” Fleabag begins to narrate the entire encounter as it happens.

It’s pretty awful, and we all felt as uncomfortable as Fleabag did. It gets worse the next morning when we see Arsehole watching Fleabag sleep and stroking her face.

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