Netflix: 7 More Must-Watch True Crime Documentaries

Making a Murderer, Steve Avery

Making a Murderer, Steve Avery Making a Murderer | Netflix

If watching Making a Murderer has left you hooked on true crime, you may want to return to Netflix for your next fix. There are plenty of other critically acclaimed options within the genre currently available for streaming. Here are seven other true crime documentaries you can watch now.

1.  Into the Abyss

Warner Herzog’s 2011 documentary takes a closer look at the aftermath of a 2001 triple homicide in Conroe, Texas, and the death row inmate convicted of the crime, Michael Perry. The film, which features interviews with Perry, law enforcement officials, and the families of the victims, doesn’t focus on the suspect’s guilt or innocence. Instead, it uses the conversations to spur a larger examination of the state of the prison system and the issue of capital punishment in the U.S.

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