Netflix: The Huge Hit TV Series It Turned Down and More Surprising Facts

Netflix is full of great TV shows and movies and chances are you’ve spent many hours binge-watching your latest obsession on the site. But there’s more to the rapidly growing streaming service than you think.

Here are 12 surprising things you never knew about the company.

1. The idea for Netflix came from a late fee

Family watching a Netflix show in living room

Family watching a Netflix show in living room Family watching a Netflix show | Netflix

According to The New York Times, the idea behind Netflix arose in 1997 after the CEO was charged a $40 late fee for a VHS copy of Apollo 13.  As Hastings wrote in a column for the publication:

I had misplaced the cassette… I didn’t want to tell my wife about it. And I said to myself, ‘I’m going to compromise the integrity of my marriage over a late fee?’ Later, on my way to the gym, I realized [the gym] had a much better business model. You could pay $30 or $40 a month and work out as little or as much as you wanted.

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