New House? Here’s What Needs to Be on Your Grocery List

Moving is so incredibly stressful. Just when you think you’ve crossed everything off your to-do list, you discover five more. One of those pesky tasks is going grocery shopping so you don’t have to move into a new home without any food.

Completely starting over with your fridge and pantry can feel overwhelming, so we compiled a list of everything you’ll need.

1. Oil

Pick whatever kind of oil you use most. | Rodrigo Bark/iStock/Getty Images

You’re quarter-full bottles of oil probably aren’t going to make the move, so it’s easier to just start over. For this first grocery run, just buy the types of oil you cook with the most, whether it’s olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, or vegetable oil. You can always come back for the other ones you use from time to time, but this grocery trip is all about getting the essentials.

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