‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’: Everything We Know So Far

When Pacific Rim first hit theaters in 2013, it was something of an anomaly in the world of action movies. Typically, a movie with large-scale CGI and giant monsters doesn’t come paired with anything in the way of compelling characters or story structure. That’s exactly what Guillermo del Toro gave us though, delivering a stunningly realized final product when all was said and done.

Now three years later, we’re finally getting some concrete details concerning what we can expect from the long-planned sequel. The film sat in development hell before it was finally revived, but given the massive box office appeal of the franchise, it was only a matter of time before the studio got their ducks in a row. So what exactly do we know about the project? Let’s dive in.

1. The official title and release date

Pacific Rim - Universal

Pacific Rim - Universal Pacific Rim | Universal

Many big-name franchises have eschewed numerical designations for sequels in recent years, and this film will be no exception. Pacific Rim Uprising is the official title, and the movie is set to release March 23, 2018, after originally being scheduled to release on Feb. 23, 2018.

This would put it in theaters a full five years after its predecessor, which by today’s standards is a pretty massive separation between films in a series. That said, it’s not a project that can be rushed, especially when you consider the amount of special effects and post-production work that goes into creating giant robots fighting inter-dimensional monsters.

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