Rx Meds: Shocking Hidden Health Benefits You Never Would Expect

When your doctor hands you a prescription, they don’t always follow the FDA-approved treatment for that drug. Many prescription drugs aren’t prescribed to treat the cause they’re best known for treating. This practice, called off-labeling, is completely legal — and totally effective, in many cases.

Sometimes, prescribing one drug to treat a seemingly unrelated condition actually becomes standard, approved medical practice. You might even be taking a medication for a use you never would have expected.

What are off-label Rx meds?

Prescription pills falling out of a bottle.

Prescription pills falling out of a bottle. Your medication might not be FDA-approved. |

According to the Food and Drug Administration, off-label prescriptions may technically be unapproved, but they’re completely legal. A doctor, if they see fit, can prescribe a prescription drug to treat a condition the FDA hasn’t yet approved. So even though the FDA approves many beta-blockers, for example, to treat hypertension, doctors sometimes prescribe them to treat other conditions as well, like ADHD. Here are a few common examples of drugs that can treat more than one disease.

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