‘Scandal’: This Character May Be a Secret Member of B613

It’s the end of an era. When the seventh season of the hit Shonda Rhimes seriesScandal, premieres on Oct. 5, 2017, we will begin to say goodbye. Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), her Gladiators at Olivia Pope and Associates, her sordid romance with former President Fitzgerald Grant II (Tony Goldwyn), and all of the twisted, gory fun that we’ve come to know and love from the D.C.-set political dama will come to a close.

Season 6 of the series ended with some jaw-dropping revelations. Fitz’s ex-wife Mellie (Bellamy Young) is now the President of the United States, and Olivia has left OPA in Quinn’s (Katie Lowes) hands to become Mellie’s Chief of Staff and run B613. Meanwhile, our favorite monster Cyrus Bean (Jeffy Perry) is the new Vice President. With all of those power hungry people in the White House (including Olivia), who knows how all of this will pan out.

Here are all of the secrets we know about the final season of Scandal — from the top-secret new characters played to a major storyline switch spurred by the current political climate of our country.

100 days

Mellie Grant stands and looks downward while wearing a blue dress in her office.

Mellie Grant stands and looks downward while wearing a blue dress in her office. Mellie Grant | ABC

The Season 7 premiere of Scandal, “Watch Me,” will begin 100 days into Mellie Grant’s presidency — so it’s not exactly where we left off.

In an interview with Variety, Young, who plays Mellie, said we should expect a bit of tension between her character and Olivia Pope. She said, “There’s so much kerosene they’re both sitting on, and they’re just one little match flick away from an explosion.”

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