Secret Ways Flight Attendants Make Air Travel Less Terrible

Airlines may cut a lot of corners, but flight attendants generally don’t. They work hard to make air travel as comfortable as possible for everybody, even passengers stuck in economy seats that don’t recline. And they do it while putting up with sleep-deprived and etiquette-deficient passengers, too. No matter how often you fly, you probably haven’t noticed half of the things that flight attendants do to make your flight more bearable.

Below, discover some of the more surprising things that flight attendants do to ensure that everybody gets from point A to point B with as little discomfort as possible.

1. They brew your coffee with two bags instead of one

Stewardess talking to passenger

Stewardess talking to passenger They make your coffee extra strong. | Ruben Ramos/iStock/Getty Images

Airline foods and beverages are pretty notoriously bland, thanks at least in part to the ways that altitude changes our sense of taste. Fox News notes that “even Starbucks can sometimes taste watered down in flight.” Because the coffee maker on the airplane could leak or it might have grounds clogging the drip basin, many flight attendants put two bags of coffee grounds in the coffee maker. That produces a more flavorful pot of coffee for their passengers. 

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