Signs You’re Dating a Pathological Liar

Just about everyone fibs every once in a while, usually tiny half-truths on social media or online dating profiles. These types of lies aren’t really that big of a deal. Problems do arise; however, when your partner compulsively lies about both big and small things. These types of people are known as pathological liars, which Truth About Deception describes as someone who fibs purely out of habit.

Do you feel like your partner is constantly telling fibs about everything, even small details? Here are a few key signs you could be dating a pathological liar.

1. Their body language tells all

couple lying on carpet with laptop

couple lying on carpet with laptop The body language of your partner could indicate that they’re lying. |

If you suspect you’re dating someone who is constantly lying to you, check out their body language when they’re talking. Dr. Lillian Glass, a behavioral analyst and body language expert, tells Business Insider the telltale signs that someone is lying, including quickly changing head position, heavy breathing, and fidgeting.

If your partner is covering or touching their mouth when they’re telling you something, be wary of this behavior as well. It’s their body’s way of literally shutting down communication with you.

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