Skin Breakouts? 5 Types of Makeup That Can Give You Pimples

woman squeezing pimple in front of mirror

woman squeezing pimple in front of mirror Know what kind of makeup could be giving you skin issues. |

It seems to be a rule that breakouts surface at the most inopportune time. Whether they’re caused by your workout, exacerbated by a new skin care routine, brought on by a period of high stress, or linked to your cycle, there are all kinds of causes for sudden breakouts. But did you know that even your makeup could be a culprit?

Paula’s Choice, a skin care line that uses ingredients and formulations supported by peer-reviewed research, reports acne is an inflammatory disorder that occurs deep inside your skin. It’s influenced by hormones, and isn’t actually caused by your makeup. But certain types of makeup “can worsen breakouts in those already prone to developing them,” according to the story. However, it may not be the products or ingredients you suspect.

We’re all led to believe products that are labeled non-comedogenic won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. But the criteria for determining whether products are comedogenic or not have little relation to how people actually use makeup and skin care products. Paula’s Choice says what really affects whether your makeup will trigger a breakout is how much of an ingredient is used in the formula, because a small amount is unlikely to do much harm.

But that doesn’t mean that you can use makeup with any ingredients and expect it won’t irritate your skin or worsen your breakouts. In fact, there are many kinds of makeup that can make blemish-prone skin much worse. Check out the five types of makeup that exacerbate your breakouts and cause new pimples to pop up where you least want them.

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