‘Star Trek’: Here’s How Many Times the Enterprise Has Blown Up

Star Trek

Star Trek Star Trek Into Darkness | Paramount

At this point, the destruction of the Enterprise just seems like a standard Star Trek event, and when Star Trek Beyond was released last summer it joined the pantheon of Enterprises destroyed before it. But the destruction of the Enterprise isn’t the only thing on Star Trek Beyond’s agenda according to director Justin Lin. He told Collider, “I feel like it’s important to maybe try to deconstruct why Federation, Starfleet, and why Star Trek is special,” and in a separate interview for Wired he explained he wanted to “make the characters as raw as possible … and build them back up.” So for Lin, it appears that destroying the Enterprise is a vehicle for a series renewal for a show that is celebrating its 50-year anniversary.

However, this still begs the question: Just how many times has the Enterprise been destroyed during the Star Trek series? A lot, it turns out — and the frequency of the iconic ship’s destruction has been growing over the years. So in order to celebrate yet another lost Enterprise, here’s a list of all the times the ship has blown up.

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