The 1 Crazy Thing Most Deadly Mass Shootings Have in Common

You may be pro gun control, but there’s one thing for sure — there are far too many deadly mass shootings, especially in the U.S. Whether you’re a concert-goer or you have grandchildren in grade school, it really seems as if nowhere is safe. And the scariest part is the number of shootings is on the rise.

Is there anything we can do to prevent these deadly situations before they begin? First, it’s important to analyze who’s committing the crime, and what these shootings all have in common.

The number of yearly shootings is staggering

Paramedics and victims working to move injured people.

Paramedics and victims working to move injured people. The entire country is in mourning. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With the recent shooting in Las Vegas called the “deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history,” 2017 is on track to have the most mass shootings ever in the country. HuffPost explains in 2016, there were 384 mass shootings. And as of June 2017 — not counting the most recent massacres — there were already 153. In order for a shooter to participate in a “mass shooting” at least four people die in a single public location.

Now, let’s take a look at the link that ties all of them.

Next: Many shooters exhibit the same type of behavior. 

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