The 1 Habit You Need to Break to Lose Weight

Are you on the cusp of reaching your weight loss goal and keep coming up short? You probably already exercise every day, so why can’t you lose those extra pounds? It turns out, one of your everyday habits may be to blame for your weight loss woes. Are you guilty of this bad habit?

First off — weight loss is about more than just exercise

a woman with nice abs

a woman with nice abs It’s true what they say about abs. | Nikolas_jkd/iStock/Getty Images Plus

One key thing to remember is that what you eat plays an even bigger part in weight loss than exercise does. You can adopt an intense training regimen, and you still won’t be able to out-exercise a bad diet. Trust us — the term “abs are made in the kitchen” is very true when it comes to reaching your weight loss goals.

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