The 1 Thing Everybody Does That Actually Sabotages Your Workout

Getting yourself to the gym is half the battle; working out effectively is just as important to your weight loss and strength goals. What if we told you that the one thing you’re almost certainly doing is sabotaging your workout? These seven actions are detrimental to your goals, and one may surprise you.

If you don’t warm up, you’re setting yourself up for failure

woman stretching

woman stretching Prevent an injury by warming up and cooling down your body. | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Fitness experts have debated the benefits of stretching before exercise. Most concur that at least a small warm up before exercise will go a long way. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends stretching each of your major muscle groups at least two times a week for 60 seconds per exercise, according to WebMD.

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