The 10 Best Rolling Stones Albums

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones | Fiona Goodall/Getty Images

The Rolling Stones might be rock’s greatest band and they’re certainly the most enduring, still going 54 years after forming in 1962 (in stark contrast to their early career media rivals, The Beatles). Though their greatest recordings are a long ways behind them, The Rolling Stones, led by strutting singer Mick Jagger and bluesy guitarist Keith Richards, are still defying expectations by touring consistently to great acclaim.

Beyond their obvious talents for penning memorable riffs and vocal harmonies, their lasting appeal comes from their diverse influences. By drawing upon many genres, most falling under the umbrella of American roots music, the Stones helped define the shape of rock ‘n’ roll with a classic discography spanning decades. With the release of Blue & Lonesome, their first studio album in 11 years, only a month away, we’re counting down our favorite Rolling Stones albums from their extensive (and I mean extensive) career.

10. Goat’s Head Soup

The Stones’ follow-up to the rollicking Exile on Main St. sounds considerably more tired — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing when the tiredness yields heartbreakingly beautiful songs like “Coming Down Again” and hit single “Angie.” Though the band was burned out on all sorts of drugs and struggling through a muddy production-style that emphasized funky ’70s keyboards, they still sound great.

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