The 10 Most Slimming Pants You Can Buy

There’s no shortage of style tricks out there that promise to shave 10 pounds off your frame and give your body an extra boost. But it’s really all about using fashion to make the most of your current figure, no matter what size it is. Fortunately, these 10 types of slimming pants and jeans will lengthen your figure and flatter your curves — no matter your body type.

Take note: This list isn’t geared to performance wear, yoga pants, or built-in slim-fit technology. Rather, it’s focused on a few tips of the trade to ensure your pants, slacks, trousers, and jeans have the lengthening and leaning you want.

1. Long, dark pants

woman kicking

woman kicking Dark pants are always slimming. |

We all know black is the universally slimming color — no matter if it comes by way of that LBD or, in this case, a nice pair of long, dark pants or black jeans. The darker hue hides a myriad of potentially problematic areas while the length creates a long, lean silhouette. You’ll want them to skim the tops of your shoes, at the very least, as this will ensure that the elongating effect works to its greatest potential. If you’re a bit bottom heavy, try wearing black pants or jeans with a white or lighter top; it will draw the eye upwards.

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