The 7 Different Style Types — Which Type Are You?

Now we don’t like to put labels on anyone. But when it comes to your own unique style and defining your sartorial M.O., it is good to set some parameters around the glut of different fashion types.

Whether you’re more of an all-American traditionalist, a prep star with a hipster side, or even the uncompromising sportsman, find your tribe with this style personality rundown. Not that we’re trying to put you in a box — you have our permission to fully embrace any underlying split-style mood disorder.

1. The corporate powerhouse

Well dressed man in a suit.

Well dressed man in a suit. Well dressed man in a suit. |

If suits are your middle name, then corporate powerhouse is your game. Climbing your way up the professional ladder has been a series of made-to-measure suits, seven-fold silk ties, and pocket squares, plus shined-to-the-hilt brogues — all of which perfectly accessorize that take-no-prisoners attitude in the boardroom. You don’t wear that Cartier watch to tell time, but to tell others that this is your schedule. It’s not that you don’t enjoy the enjoyable complexities of that meticulously tailored suit. But at the end of the day, you don’t dress for pleasure, you dress for results.

Label Inspiration: Hugo Boss, Giorgio Armani, Brioni, Ermenegildo Zegna, Salvatore Ferragamo

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