The 8 Most Stylish Men in Music

From Marilyn Monroe gushing over Black Starr & Frost to David Bowie’s slew of statement-making ensembles, fashion and music have been linked since virtually forever. So, it’s no surprise that guys who spend their lives crafting perfect prose and rhythms would also have a penchant for style. And while some of our favorite frontmen are likely busy planning what to wear to the Grammys, a lot of them are particularly fashion-forward even off the red carpet. Here, we break down the chicest guys on the charts.

1. Pharrell Williams


Pharrell Pharrell always looks fantastic. | Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

It’s common for female artists to have career-defying red carpet moments. Jennifer Lopez had her plunging Versace number and Björk had that swan dress by Macedonian designer Marjan Pejoski — just to name a few. At the 2014 Grammy Awards, the “Happy” singer had his own sartorial moment with Vivienne Westwood’s Buffalo hat. And just like that, Williams was dubbed both a style icon and hat connoisseur.

Even when he’s not wearing his signature piece, the singer’s array of cool hats merits a spot on this list: He’s worn everything from tight beanies, to wide-brimmed toppers, to baseball caps. And whether he’s wearing slim track zip-ups or calf-long capris, he always knows how to push the envelope.

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