The Best Reasons Donald Trump Should Have a Dog at the White House

President Donald Trump is no stranger to controversy. Americans criticize Trump’s vacation destinations. They mock the president’s fashion choices. And they also trade jokes about Trump’s diet. (To say nothing of the widespread criticism leveled at his policies and his social media usage.) But one of Trump’s most controversial choices since moving into the White House? Opting not to have a dog to keep him company at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In fact, Trump could be the first president in generations not to have a canine companion while in office. Read on to check out the best reasons why many Americans think Trump should have a dog at the White House.

1. Presidents usually have pets

In this picture released 31 January 2001 by the US

In this picture released 31 January 2001 by the US Presidents typically have pets at the White House. | Paul Morse/AFP/Getty Images

Being president requires observing a lot of traditions. And while having a pet at the White House isn’t one of the official duties of the job, it’s a tradition nonetheless. The Washington Post reports that if Trump opts not to get a pet at all, he’ll be the first president in 150 years not to have a pet. He’ll also be the first since 1901 to live in the White House without a dog. And Mental Floss reports that only two presidents — Chester A. Arthur and Franklin Pierce — left no record of having pets at all.

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