The Cringe-Worthy Beauty Trends From the ’80s

When it comes to beauty trends, the ’80s were all about more is more. And while there are some trends that have evolved throughout the decades, many of the ’80s beauty trends are now reserved for Halloween costumes and themed parties.

With that said, we thought it would be fun to unearth some of these cringe-worthy beauty trends and have a laugh at all of the ridiculous hairstyles, crazy makeup trends, and bad haircuts of Madonna’s favorite decade. Read on for some of the most cringe-worthy beauty trends from the 1980s.

1. Blue eyeshadow

blue eyeshadow

blue eyeshadow This was the “it” shadow of the ’80s. | WelmaduPlessis/iStock/Getty Images

In the ’80s, one of the most substantial beauty trends was definitely eyeshadow — blue eyeshadow, to be exact. And while the aqua color has seen a comeback in recent beauty trends, it seems as if everyone has learned their lesson about the horrors of solid blue eyeshadow that reaches all the way up to their eyebrows. Not a good look.

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