The Healthiest (and Unhealthiest) Starbucks Drinks You Can Order

Ah, Starbucks — there’s nothing like having a slice of coffee cake and a Grande Caramel Macchiato to brighten up your morning. Unfortunately, this coffee giant isn’t always good for your health. A simple black Americano won’t set back your day, but we’re not all inclined to drink something quite so boring (sorry, bland coffee lovers). A fun drink every once in awhile isn’t likely to hurt you in the long run, but watch out — your go-to Starbucks drink could be contributing to an expanding waistline. Here are the healthiest drinks the corporation has to offer, as well as the worst items you may be tempted to try.


1. Toasted Coconut Cold Brew

Starbucks employees working

Starbucks employees working This drink tastes great and isn’t even too bad for you. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

The taste of summer doesn’t have to be limited to coffee milkshakes or iced tea — you can have your own tropical paradise in a cup with the Toasted Coconut Cold Brew. This lightly-sweetened beverage packs a punch with the flavors of coconut and honey, and a splash of coconut milk is even added on top for creaminess. For a Grande, there’s only 50 calories and .5 grams of fat. You’ll be getting 11 grams of sugar, so don’t feel too saintly. But if you want something more exciting than your average iced coffee, this one’s not too shabby.

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