The Most Difficult Countries in the World for Americans to Visit

An American passport can get you to many countries in the world — but not all of them. Many countries allow Americans to visit without even obtaining a visa. (A few even let you in without a passport.) But some countries make it very difficult for Americans to visit, even if they have a valid passport and wait out the visa application process. And others will flat-out deny your application for a visa if you come from the United States.

Read on to discover the countries that make it the most difficult for Americans to visit.

1. Russia

Morning over the Moscow Kremlin in the sun

Morning over the Moscow Kremlin in the sun Morning over Moscow in Russia |

Russia may be a pretty difficult country for Americans to visit, but that hasn’t stopped record numbers of Americans from traveling to the country. Travel + Leisure reports that despite tenuous political relations between the U.S. and Russia, demand for U.S. tourism to Russia is growing. However, it will take you lots of time — and lots of questions — to get a Russian visa.

The Atlantic reports, “While most of the rest of the world’s peoples can apply for a visa to Russia using a simple single-page form of 21 questions, U.S. citizens must use an arduous ‘new form implemented on the basis of reciprocity’ that has 41 often-intrusive questions. “

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