The Most Essential Items You Need for a Weekend Trip

It’s not easy to have everything you need for a weekend getaway without forgetting a thing or overpacking. Being unprepared during a weekend trip can result in heavy bags and purchases you don’t need. When gathering items for your trip, consider pieces that are interchangeable and can be worn several different ways. This is key when attempting to pack light. Here are some other tips for packing for a weekend getaway.

Toiletries bag

Man waiting for his flight

Man waiting for his flight That suitcase better have a separate toiletries bag |

Think of your toiletries bag as your survival kit! The bag should include your everyday grooming essentials in travel-size bottles. Chances are you’re not going to need to pack full-size products. If this makes you uneasy, carry two three-ounce bottles as back up. Having a waterproof bag with various compartments will help eliminate unwanted mess inside your luggage and keep you organized.

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