The One Big Moment That Definitely Won’t Happen in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8

There are few characters that have made more of an impact on The Walking Dead than Maggie. In her six seasons on the AMC series, she’s played a crucial role in keeping Rick’s allies together and in fighting for their survival.

In Season 7 of The Walking Dead, Maggie went through unimaginable heartbreak. But she’s soldiered through and positioned herself as a clear leader of the Hilltop Colony. We’ll definitely see a lot more from Maggie when TWD returns for its eighth season.

Here’s what we know about how Maggie’s storyline will play out — including at least one big Maggie-centric moment that we definitely won’t see.

1. We could get some Maggie-centric flashbacks in Season 8

Maggie takes aim in The Walking Dead Season 8

Maggie takes aim in The Walking Dead Season 8 The Walking Dead may feature some Maggie-centric flashbacks in Season 8. | AMC

Maggie is one of the longest-running characters on The Walking Dead. But there’s still plenty we don’t know about what her life was like before zombies started showing up on the Greene farm.

That could change in Season 8, though. TWD showrunner Scott Gimple has admitted that he’s “holding onto” the possibility of introducing character flashbacks in upcoming episodes. That could mean we get a chance to see her pre-apocalypse life or a glimpse of her dearly departed family members, like Hershel or Beth. Or we may even be treated with a memory from her relationship with Glenn.

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