The Shocking Health Benefits of Marijuana You’d Never Expect

Put aside everything you previously thought about marijuana. Seriously. Take that image of Jeff Spicoli falling out of his van completely blitzed, and chuck it out the window. Because it is likely that you aren’t aware of all the good that smoking sweet leaf can do for your health. Many of the health benefits are quite unexpected!

Marijuana helps regulate your weight

A woman wears green glasses with decorative marijuana leaves.

A woman wears green glasses with decorative marijuana leaves. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t gain weight from using marijuana. | Nelson Almeida/AFP/Getty Images

Surprising, right? Isn’t ganja supposed to give you the munchies and make you overeat? Quite the contrary. The National Center of Biotechnology compared a variety of studies and found that smoking reefer is not directly connected to calorie intake. Cannabis users actually have a lower body mass index and smaller waistlines, suggesting that weed can actually help regulate appetite and calorie intake in most individuals.

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