The Surprising Way Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Told the World They’re Getting Married

There’s no shortage of romance on Game of Thrones. Amidst the battles and backstabbing, our favorite characters have found time to fall in love. And in Kit Harington and Rose Leslie’s case, romance blossomed off-screen too.

The pair met and hit it off while filming the hit HBO series. And they did their best to keep the details of their relationship away from prying eyes. In September 2017, they announced their engagement. But thanks to their unusual relationship with the press, they chose a very peculiar way to let the world know they were making it official.

1. Their characters fell in love on Game of Thrones

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie pose together behind a wall.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie pose together behind a wall. Kit Harington and Rose Leslie | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Jon Snow (Harington) was sworn to celibacy as a member of the Nights’ Watch. That is, until he met Ygritte (Leslie). She was a Wildling, and therefore his sworn enemy. She initially bristled at his obvious lack of real-world experience. And she frequently reminded him that he knew nothing about really anything — especially women. But throughout Season 3, as Jon and Ygritte journeyed beyond the Wall, they grew closer to one another. Eventually, Jon decided his Night Watch vows weren’t maybe all that important after all, and they consummated their relationship in a cave (it was more romantic than it sounds).

Their relationship was, sadly, not meant to last, though. Once Ygritte realized that Jon had joined the Wildlings on a reconnaissance mission, she tried to kill him. Then, when she and her fellow free folk stormed the Wall, she was mortally wounded.

It was a tragic end to one of Game of Thrones’ most captivating love stories. But off-screen, the story didn’t end when Ygritte died in Jon’s arms.

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