The Undeniable Reasons Why Coffee Is Way Better Than Tea

Coffee vs. tea: It’s an age-old debate, and everybody’s got an opinion. You probably reach for one beverage or the other each morning, whether you’re commuting to work or lounging at home.

Tea lovers have long held that tea is better than coffee. But the coffee lovers among us beg to differ. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most compelling evidence that coffee really is way better than tea.

15. You can choose among many different drinks

Paper filter and ground coffee

Paper filter and ground coffee Not sure how you want to prepare that coffee? You have lots of options. |

If you love coffee, there’s a practically endless assortment of ways for you to enjoy the beverage. (There are different roasts, of course, but there are also different kinds and flavors of tea.) What we’re really talking about is the impressive array of coffee drinks on the menu at every coffee shop. You can order a cappuccino or an Americano. Alternately, there’s the espresso, the macchiato, and the mocha. And that hardly scratches the surface. 

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