‘The Walking Dead’: The Secret Connections You Probably Missed

The Walking Dead is a rare cultural phenomenon. Over the course of the last seven years, it went from being a big gamble for AMC to something that we can’t stop talking about. And it’s become so well-known that it’s not uncommon for other series to name-drop it from time to time.

Despite being such a dominant part of the TV landscape, TWD is also prone to hiding pop culture references or fun Easter eggs within its episodes. In some cases, they’re pretty easy to spot, but other times they’ve managed to fly under the radar. Here are 10 Walking Dead connections you may have missed.

1. Whistling a familiar tune

Michonne whistling as two zombies follow her in 'The Walking Dead'

Michonne whistling as two zombies follow her in 'The Walking Dead' “Sing Me a Song” | AMC

It’s no secret that The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple are big fans of HBO’s critically-acclaimed drama, The Wire. After all, they’ve brought in three of the series’ prominent alums to play some pretty high-profile characters — Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese), Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel), and Lawrence Gilliard (Bob).

But in Season 7, TWD took its obsession to the next level in “Sing Me a Song.” The episode opened with Michonne strolling down an empty road, whistling “The Farmer in the Dell” loudly to try to draw walkers’ attention. Fans of The Wire recognized the song instantly, because it’s the one that Omar whistled when he was out on his patrols. While the TWD crew never officially confirmed that they were deliberately calling back to one of their favorite shows, it’s hard to believe the homage was a coincidence.

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