The Weirdest Things You Never Knew You Could Pack in Your Carry-On

Most people associate the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, with a long list of things they can’t take on a plane. However, the agency actually allows travelers to pack lots of weird things in their bags. TSA agents don’t want to see a gun or a giant bottle of shampoo in your carry-on, but they won’t bat an eyelash if you pack a set of knitting needles, a pair of ice skates, or even a camping stove.

Want to get the lowdown on these and other unexpected items that TSA doesn’t mind seeing in your carry-on? Read on to check out the weirdest things you never knew you could pack in your carry-on.

1. Light bulbs

woman packing a luggage for a new journey

woman packing a luggage for a new journey Have anything weird you need to pack? | Tatomm/iStock/Getty Images

Most of the time, it doesn’t sound like a great idea to pack anything easily breakable in your luggage (carry-on or checked). But surprisingly enough, the TSA doesn’t have a problem with travelers packing light bulbs in either. We’re not 100% sure why you’d need to pack light bulbs in your carry-on. But if you do, at least you know that TSA agents won’t stop you.

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