The Worst Decorating Mistakes You’re Making in Your Master Bedroom

Out of all the rooms in your home, you really want to feel at ease and comfortable in the master bedroom. There are certain faux pas, however, that can leave your boudoir feeling anything but relaxing. Are you committing any of these bedroom decorating mistakes?

1. Open bathrooms

You’re probably better off putting up a door. | iStock/Getty Images

Open bathrooms have been gaining popularity in master bedroom design. Bathrooms with no walls or clear glass being the only barrier between the bathroom and bedroom area have been popping up here and there in recent years, especially in modern beach homes. Though this design gives the master bedroom that modern, open feel, it really eliminates the privacy factor. If you’re really drawn to this design, consider going with frosted glass or installing a curtain for when you’d like a little more privacy.

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