The Worst Ways Your Gym Tries to Rip You Off

Have you ever noticed how advertisements for gyms make it seem like you’ll be entering a utopia of health? Everyone’s smiling, the personal trainers seem super helpful, and best of all, everyone seems to be in great shape. Once you actually join a gym, you may realize that the facade was too good to be true. The monthly membership prices you’re roped into are enough to keep that smile off your face.

Whether you’re already a gym member or you’re just signing up, be wary of these seven ways your gym may be trying to rip you off.

1. Their insane membership prices

A woman works out her shoulders at a gym.

A woman works out her shoulders at a gym. You’re paying an arm and a leg to get in. | Boggy22/iStock/Getty Images

Your gym is definitely getting more money out of you than it should, even if yours is considered to be inexpensive. The average gym membership price is $58 per month, on top of any other crazy fees required when signing up. Even gyms like Planet Fitness with their $10 per month contract are making a pretty penny, because they know 67% of members don’t use their gym memberships.

With this in mind, it makes sense that gyms would sign up 10 times the number of members than they can fit in their facility at a time.

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