These Are the Hidden Signs You’re Not as Healthy as You Should Be

Eat your green vegetables, get seven to nine hours of sleep, brush and floss twice a day — you’ve heard these health tips, and then some, too many times to count. What about the actions you could be taking for your health that you didn’t even know existed?

You may be aware of how to avoid major mistakes, but these sneaky indicators of bad health could affect even the most trained experts. Don’t let these hidden signs of bad health slip by.

You snore

Man sleeping in his bed with his mouth open.

Man sleeping in his bed with his mouth open. Snoring might be a sign of a larger health issue. | Tommaso79/iStock/Getty Images

Yes, snoring can simply be the cause of a fight between you and your partner over who got the least amount of sleep last night. However, it could also be the symptom of an underlying health issue. Excessive snoring may be a sign you’re overweight, or could be a result of sleep apnea.

People who snore as a result of sleep apnea are 40% more likely to die earlier than their unaffected peers. Sleep apnea can indicate cardiovascular problems like high blood pressure and coronary artery disease.

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