These Athletic Dog Breeds Always Want to Go Running With You

Whether you love running, hiking, or just taking brisk walks around your neighborhood, it’s always nice to have a dog who wants to go with you. Not every dog wants to make strenuous exercise a part of his day. (Many of the dog breeds we consider the easiest to own don’t need a ton of exercise!) But if you adopt an active, athletic dog, you’ll have a companion who loves getting outside and getting some exercise with you.

Read on to check out the athletic dog breeds who will always want to accompany you on your workouts.

1. Australian cattle dog

Australian Cattle Dog puppy

Australian Cattle Dog puppy These herding dogs love to explore. | Wolfavni/iStock/Getty Images

According to Outside, the Australian cattle dog is one of the most athletic dog breeds — perfect for active pet owners. The publication characterizes this breed as a “true herding dog: Whip-smart, energetic, strong, and protective.” You can expect this breed “to keep going all day,” according to Outside. That probably sounds perfect if you want a companion for hiking, biking, and other activities outdoors. And even though the Australian cattle dog loves exploring wide open spaces, he’ll also form strong bonds with his owners, which makes him a great choice for active families.

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