These Easy Tips Will Keep Your White Shirts White, Not Yellow

Many of us dislike doing laundry. One of the most annoying things about it is that regular washing can have some unsightly effects on your clothes, especially your white tees and shirts. In fact, white shirts often look yellow or even gray after numerous wash cycles. As a result, you’ve probably noticed that a brand-new white shirt often looks a whole lot brighter than an older one. But, with a couple clever laundry tips, that doesn’t have to be the case!

Below, check out some genius tips that can keep your white shirts white, no matter how often you wear and wash them!

1. Wash them every one or two wears

Man Doing Laundry

Man Doing Laundry Clean them, even if they don’t look dirty. | iStock/Getty Images

Some people would never wear a shirt more than once between washes, while others take pride in wearing things several times before dropping them in the hamper. Good Housekeeping recommends that when it comes to your white clothes, you should wash them every one or two wears. Even if you can’t see or smell them, body oils and perspiration build up and turn fabrics yellow or gray. To wash them out (and prevent them from building up), wash those items of clothing frequently. 

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