These Pumpkin Spice Products Are Totally Ruining Your Health This Fall

It’s fall — the leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and every pumpkin spice product known to man is out on the shelves. Whether you love or hate this iconic flavor, one thing’s for sure — most companies are jumping on the bandwagon. And while pumpkin itself has plenty of health benefits, those pumpkin spice potato chips, cookies, and coffee concoctions are expanding your waistline.

Unsure of which flavored products you should stay away from at all costs? This should give you some idea.

1. Pumpkin Spice Milano cookies

A container of Milano Pumpkin Spice Cookies on a white background.

A container of Milano Pumpkin Spice Cookies on a white background. You should only dunk these into your coffee sparingly. | Pepperidge Farm

Who doesn’t love a Milano? This classic Pepperidge Farm cookie is typically just a thin layer of chocolate sandwiched between two biscuits, but they turn things up a notch with the pumpkin spice flavoring. We’re sorry to tell you, but these innocent-looking cookies pack a serious fat and sugar punch. Just eating two comes to 130 calories, 7 grams of fat, and 10 grams of sugar. And if you’re a pumpkin spice lover like the rest of us, we can guarantee you’ll be eating more than that.

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