Things People Always Get Wrong About Adopting a Pet From the Shelter

You’ve probably heard animal rights advocates say, “Adopt, don’t shop!” Instead of buying an animal from a pet store or a breeder, millions of Americans are choosing to adopt a pet from animal shelters each year. But plenty of people are completely misinformed about animal shelters and the pets who come from them. Unfortunately, some myths that people believe may stop them from adopting an adorable cat or dog from their local shelter.

Want to make sure you haven’t been deceived by the biggest misconceptions about animal shelters? Read on to check out the myths that seem to stick around no matter how much those in the know try to set them straight.

15. People think they can’t find the perfect pet at an animal shelter

Asylum for dogs

Asylum for dogs There’s no such thing as a perfect pet, at the animal shelter or elsewhere. |

This is a big one, but it’s important to get this misconception out of the way. When people think about bringing a pet home, they often decide that they want the “perfect” pet. However, that’s an ideal that doesn’t exist, whether you’re looking around at the local animal shelter or talking with a breeder who has championship-winning dogs. The perfect cat or dog just doesn’t exist. Once you get past that idea, you’ll feel better prepared to evaluate what you want in a pet — without placing unrealistic expectations on your new kitten or puppy.

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