Think You’re About to Start Menopause? You Need to Know These Signs

Your body goes through significant changes as you age, and of course, menopause is one of them. While you may not be thrilled about your shifting hormones and incoming hot flashes, there’s one thing for sure — it’s always best to know what’s going on than to be thrust into the throes of menopause with no warning at all.

Ladies in your 40s, it’s time to listen up. Here are the signs menopause is about to begin.

1. Your periods are shorter, longer, or changing completely

Image of young woman sitting on toilet.

Image of young woman sitting on toilet. Keep an eye out for changes to your period. |

There’s a special name for the time right before menopause starts — and that’s perimenopause. And unfortunately, this time comes with a lot of unpredictability — especially when it comes to your menstrual cycle. WebMD explains you may start to develop irregular periods, which can result in a heavier flow some months. On the other hand, you might go through months of light bleeding leading up to menopause, or you could skip a few periods altogether.

You’ll have a full year of no periods when you’re in full-blown menopause.

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