This 1 Hidden Sign Means Someone Is a Victim of Physical Abuse

When looking for signs of physical abuse, it’s common to look for visible bruises, scratches, and any other clear signs of trauma. But what about the bruises that the naked eye can’t detect? It isn’t unheard of for abuse to go unrecorded because it’s unseen.

There is one sign, however, that should set off an alarm that someone may have been a victim of physical abuse.

But first, what constitutes physical abuse?

A frustrated couple sits on a couch during a quarrel.

A frustrated couple sits on a couch during a quarrel. Is it a rough patch … or something more? | AndreyPopov/iStock/Getty Images

Physical abuse is defined as non-accidental force that causes bodily harm and injury, and results in unreasonable punishment. Women are more often victims of physical abuse, as well as the elderly, physically disabled, and mentally ill. Physical abuse often manifests itself in intimate relationships. For children, abuse most commonly occurs at the hands of a family member.

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