This Celebrity Told Trump He Was Going to Hell After His Mean Tweets About Puerto Rico

President Trump built his brand, at least partially, on his Twitter presence. And his tendency to engage in feuds on the social media platform is notorious. Whether he’s doling out dating advice to Robert Pattinson or criticizing his own cabinet members, he’s made no bones about who and when he’ll go after someone.

In the past, plenty of celebrities have taken it upon themselves to criticize the president for his behavior, both on and off Twitter. And one award-winning actor and writer who’s usually known for a sunny disposition finally snapped after Trump made some less-than-gracious comments about the citizens of Puerto Rico. Here’s how it all played out.

1. Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September 2017

Hurricane Maria causing strong winds and waves in Puerto Rico waters.

Hurricane Maria causing strong winds and waves in Puerto Rico waters. Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico in complete distress. | Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images

When Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on Sept. 20, 2017, the island was already in the midst of recovering from Hurricane Irma. The nearly Category 5 storm with deadly 155 mph winds and torrential rain, battered the island for more than a day.

In the days after Maria hit Puerto Rico, there were reports of widespread, catastrophic damage. Nearly the entire island was without electricity, much of the region was flooded, and many citizens lacked basic resources like water and food. All told, roughly 3.4 million people were affected — and now face a long, tough road as far as rebuilding is concerned.

As a general rule, people turn to their government in times of crisis. But many Puerto Ricans were disappointed with the response they received from the U.S. federal government.

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