This ‘Fixer Upper’ Cast Member Created Artwork For the Secret Service

The supporting cast of Fixer Upper is a talented and hardworking group of people. Many are business owners and entrepreneurs, themselves. And since they have such an impact on a home’s final outcome, we have to wonder, “What’s their story?”

Well, we’ve done a little digging to answer that question. Here’s what you didn’t know about the supporting cast of Fixer Upper.

Clint Harp wasn’t always a carpenter



Husband and wife Clint and Kelly Harp are the team behind Harp Design Co. In 2011, Clint quit his medical sales job to pursue his carpentry career. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a success at first. In fact, he and his wife, Kelly, were in dire straights financially when Clint ran into Chip Gaines at a gas station and told him about the work he was doing. Fortunately, the rest is history, as they say. As the business took off, Kelly eventually left graduate school to work with Clint, where she now curates pieces to complement his designs. Kelly and Clint even have their own show on the DIY Network.

Next: You’ll never believe what happened after word spread about where they lived.

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