This Is How You Get Chosen to Compete on ‘Chopped’

If you’re a big fan of the Food Network’s Chopped, you probably dream about how you’d handle the weirdest mystery basket ingredients. And you likely know how you’d keep your cool under the pressure of facing off against three other chefs. It may sound like it’s just a fantasy. But if you’re willing to follow all the rules and agree to all the terms, you could actually get chosen to compete on Chopped!

The Food Network isn’t shy about telling viewers how they can get cast on its shows. Below, check out all the most surprising rules you have to agree to in order to get chosen to compete on Chopped.

1. You have to be a professional chef

Chopped in Miami, Florida

Chopped in Miami, Florida You need to be a professional chef. | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for Allied-THA

To compete on a standard Chopped episode, you need to have experience as a chef. The professional chef application explains that chefs with any cooking specialty can apply. Additionally, the application asks if you have experience as a farmer, a butcher, a pastry chef, a baker, a mixologist, or any other specialized fields. (Not all chefs got their start in the kitchen, after all.)

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