This Is the Best Dessert Joanna Gaines Serves at the Silos Baking Company

You probably started paying attention to Joanna Gaines thanks to her starring role on HGTV’s Fixer Upper. But like the rest of her fans, we’re guessing you love that she’s a lot more than a TV star.

She excels as a mom, as a designer, and as an entrepreneur. One of her sweetest new ventures? The Silos Baking Company, a bakery that joins the retail store, food truck park, and garden at Chip and Joanna’s Silos property in Waco, Texas.

Below, check out the most decadent desserts and scrumptious treats that you can sample at the Silos Baking Company.

9. The Silo cookie

Silos baking co

Silos baking co The bakery is making an impact. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

A perennial favorite among Fixer Upper fans who make a pilgrimage to the Silos Baking Company is the Silo cookie. This sweet treat is a chocolate chip cookie, but with an important twist. It also features peanut butter chips and walnuts for a delicious nutty flavor. It’s so popular that it consistently sells out. (So if you have your heart set on this sweet treat, you might want to visit the Silos early in the day!)

Of course, if peanut butter or walnuts aren’t quite your style, you can also order a classic chocolate chip cookie or a decadent sugar cookie. And if you need a gluten-free option, you can order the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, which features gluten-free chocolate chips, oats, and vanilla.

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