Threats of Nukes and More: The Most Insane Things North Korea Did This Week

When it comes to daily news, North Korea can be a dumpster fire, and everything that surrounds it is nearly impossible to keep up with. We’ve dredged the internet to find the best from this past week, and condensed it into some quick stories for you to get up to speed. There’s everything from schoolyard posturing between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, to the downright bizarre and jaw-dropping tale of the insane assassination of Un’s brother. So buckle your seatbelt and let’s get right to it.

Kim Jong Un & Trump bicker like children

Trump speaking to the UN assembly

Trump speaking to the UN assembly Trump made a lot of noise at the UN, but not a lot of substantive statements. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images.

In probably the most embarrassing story for us as a nation, our president, Donald J. Trump, 71 years of age, the leader of the free world, is in a name-calling battle with a despot. Trump made his first speech to the U.N. general assembly last week, and called Kim Jong Un “Rocket-Man.”

Then, Kim Jong Un called him a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard.” The volleys have been traded back and forth over the past week, pretty much non-stop. This name calling likely won’t stop anytime soon either, as long as both of these “leaders” are behaving like children.

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